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You’re unique and so are we. Our entire approach is forward thinking and our attitude is tenacious. No one at TechSpokes settles for average. Our passion is helping each vacation rental manager excel. We do this by being innovative with technology and using it to achieve superior marketing results in part through the best search engine optimization. All work is directly supervised by TechSpokes owners Jeff, Rob and Serge, and is performed in the USA and France. Our talent is hands on, trustworthy and leading edge. For optimal results, get to know us soon. It is our privilege to ensure your success.

Meet the Team

Jeffrey Tucker

Owner and Director of Client Relationships

My philosophy is that anything is possible in technology and marketing. That belief has benefited each client wishing to stay ahead of the competition. At TechSpokes I develop and manage client relations and coordinate our business operations. Helping you is my passion. My approach is purely consulting and comes from decades in the travel industry. I was one of the first players on email at USC and continue to be an early technology adopter with everything I do. Travel and vacation rentals are both personal and professionals passions. I follow our industry and its trends closely in order to keep you ahead of the pack.

Robert Kvidt, M.ED

Owner and Director of Digital Marketing

I will help you achieve your goals by truly understanding you, your business and your local and global competitors. From choosing the best keywords to weaving them into meaningful content, I’ll be certain you have stand out web pages that are unequaled. TechSpokes’ quality control stops with me. My attention to detail benefits each client, and I don’t give up until the job is perfect. You will find that my creative mind is always open to new ideas. For thirty years I have led marketing teams. Let me show you how content and quality drives your online success.

Serge Liatko

Owner and Director of Technology

Every business is unique and needs the right tools to transcend the competition. I’m here to imagine, develop and configure the best tools for your business so that they help you to save valuable time and money. My passion is connecting elements coming from completely different areas while making them work together in synergy for maximum efficiency. With over 15 years of experience in web development, marketing and e-commerce, linguistics and psychology, I bring the ability to help vacation rental managers go beyond perceived limits.

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