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14 years in business

We have been in the vacation rental industry for 14 years, providing outstanding results to our clients.

$ 117M in revenue

Our vacation rental websites have generated over 117 million dollars in direct online booking revenue.

58% of direct bookings

Our clients acquire, on average, over 58% of the reservations booked directly, with over 65% of those made online.

I tried several other companies and the TechSpokes solution was the only one that worked because they creatively included everything my business needs, in one place, with great support. My occupancy and revenue increased immediately. Looking forward to our continued partnership and many more great milestones.

Our clients say

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TechSpokes’ Vacation Rental Websites Are Fully Integrated With TRACK Property Management Software

We combine our highly optimized vacation rental websites with best-in-class tools from TRACK to provide the industry’s premier direct booking engine. Plus, an in-depth stealth marketing program to drive direct online bookings via organic search results.

Our innovative technology and marketing solutions fully integrate and leverage the full capabilities of TRACK PMS, PULSE CRM, distribution channel management, email platform, contact center, accounting, housekeeping, maintenance and automated workflows.

TechSpokes solution simplifies and fine-tunes your operations and saves you time, resulting in increased direct online bookings and revenue.


What we do for your business

As a Hawaii-based company, we use the word KOKUA [kō·kua] which means to help. We view ourselves as more than a website or marketing provider, but rather as your long-term business partner intent on bringing more success and satisfaction to you and your guests.

Online Booking Engine

Direct Booking Engine

Maximize Online Bookings

After a decade of inventing the perfect online booking module, we fully integrated it with TRACK API, and our streamlined booking process. We added a premium interactive availability calendar that’s fully customizable. Guest reviews, questions and answers system, lighting-fast images, virtual tours, and videos, complete the solution. We include genuine Google Maps at a fraction of their usual cost. A failed reservations recovery system saves lost bookings. All of these are designed with one goal in mind, to Increase Your Direct Bookings.

Website and Blogging Platform

Website and Blogging Platform

Effective Communication Tools

A complete and fully functional SEO website and blog combined with the perfect booking module provide everything needed to communicate easily and effectively with guests. Quickly publish or update information about your business with ease, to increase competitiveness. Our WordPress-powered websites are highly optimized for search engines and social networks. Open Source code, a mobile-first design, tailored just for vacation rentals and customized features, make our easy-to-use websites stand out in the marketplace.

Advanced Content Marketing

Advanced Content Marketing

More Traffic | Better Engagement

Get found online ahead of your competitors. See your most important search keywords perform better than before on engaging pages, blog posts, and newsletters. Don’t waste money on content that doesn’t deliver results. Rather, we’ll help you increase organic traffic so that your direct reservations soar. With decades of experience in content marketing for travel and vacation rentals, we leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence tools for effective subject research and then choose the best performing keywords to create unique content that engages visitors and transforms them into brand loyalists.

24/7 Expert Support

24/7 Live Expert Support

Get Help When You Need It

Connect directly with our experienced team who understand your business. TechSpokes has no call center to navigate. We’re based in Hawaii, California, and France and provide around-the-clock support. No matter your timezone, we’re open when you need us. You can count on quick, reliable, and professional help from our experts. TechSpokes development team uses the latest technologies combined with artificial intelligence to analyze and repair any issue you might have.

Our Latest Project

Maui Kai at Kaanapali, Hawaii

Maui Kai website

Problem: Incorrect SEO structure and poor content hurt organic results. High administrative cost to maintain and assign 50% of reservations by hotel room category. Website design did not highlight enough of the unique location features and advantages.

Solution: Easy to use CMS-based website with unique hybrid vacation rental/hotel option. Availability and booking based on either unit type or specific units. Complete redesign and promotional video to market the unique waterfront location.

Result: Improved organic search results reduced the reliance on OTA reservations. Decreased staffing requirements. Increased homeowner satisfaction due to flexibility. Huge increase in direct bookings due to improved user experience and brand uplifting.

Some of Our All-Stars

Dauphin Island Beach Rentals website

Dauphin Island Beach Rentals, Alabama

Problem: Poor PMC/PMS integration and no online bookings resulting in negative performance. The vendor lacked US support. Incorrect SEO structure and poor quality content limited search results. Slow page load time and high Google Maps API usage monthly fees.

Solution: Upgrade to high performance WordPress website fully integrated with TRACK software API. In use and updated over 5 years. State-of-the-art availability calendar and online booking system. High-quality content, imagery and SEO. On-site user review system.

Results: Huge increase in online reservations due to improved online booking experience, website performance and SEO. Reduced website maintenance time and impressive savings on interactive Google Maps fees. Increase in brand trust among home owners.

Why TechSpokes Is Unique

Our best-in-class solutions are optimized specifically to increase your direct bookings. From simplifying the reservation process with superior, easy-to-use availability calendars, our booking engine that brilliantly handles both vacation rentals and hotel/resort modes, saving you money and simplifying operations. Even our Google Maps solution saves you hundreds of dollars each month compared to what it costs on a website with comparable traffic.

The way we work with clients is also totally different. Customers engage directly with company owners, stakeholders who know and care about your business.

Have ideas that would help your business grow faster? We’re all ears. Just ask and we’ll go the extra mile to customize your solutions to any specific needs. Innovation that helps you is at the heart of our business.

Through our marketing expertise, superior technology, and, most importantly, the unique way we work with our clients, let us catapult your business beyond your competitors.

Exclusive features from TechSpokes

These new offerings are something we take great pride in providing. Following years of design, testing, and fine-tuning, we have now integrated them into a comprehensive solution joined with our core products. The following distinctive features are nothing short of game-changing for your business.

Last-Minute Deals Module

Shows Guests Their Savings | Compelling Discounts That Drive Bookings

Last Minute Deals

Managing last-minute discounts and displaying savings is a tedious task that normally requires extensive time and expense. That’s why many managers choose yield management tools to handle last-minute rates automatically. But that’s only part of the solution, as guests only see the marked-down rate, and not the savings offered.

Our Last-Minute Deals Module solves this problem! Compatible with any yield management system including PriceLabs, Beyond, and others, it automatically displays your customizable deal messages on property and index pages, and in search results. Both the original and discounted rates are shown in calendars so your guests know what the true value is. Quotes also reflect the original price, discounted price, and discount percentage, providing a compelling reason to book immediately.

TechSpokes’ Last Minute Deals Module also creates a unique last-minute deals collection. Completely automated, it displays all currently available discounted properties. Promote this deals collection in your newsletters, social media, or on other websites. It’s a perfect way to gain traction for your deals, increase traffic, and grow direct bookings.

Your visitors want the best value available to compel booking now. Your homeowners seek to achieve the highest yields. TechSpokes’ Last Minute Deals Module makes it possible to satisfy both.

Hotel-Type Reservation Module

An innovative solution to offer both unit-type and individual-unit bookings

Hotel Module

While most vacation rentals are offered as individual units, many managers operate resorts where they market units grouped by type, similar to hotels. Renting by type, rather than by the specific unit, gives the manager and property owners maximum flexibility. Units can be reassigned up to the guests’ arrival and owners have more access to use their own property since it is the property type that’s being rented rather than a specific unit.

Problem: Track can only offer individual units and doesn’t group them by type. Previously, managers avoided this limitation by creating “virtual” units to represent property types on their websites. That, however, requires manually moving reservations away from “virtual” unit types to actual units, which takes excessive time and attention to avoid problems, and over and under-bookings.

Solution: Let our Hotel-Type Reservation Module easily manage these automatically. Assign units to a unit type in TRACK PMS and let your website technology do the heavy lifting for you.

TechSpokes’ booking engine handles the display, availability, quotes and reservations easily, based on a unit-type, specific units, or both.

We display only one rental property for each unit type in search results and throughout the website. Calendars update automatically to reflect availability for all units of any type. The module then assigns reservations to unique properties, optimizes availability by placing them back-to-back, and also lets you choose priorities such as least-rented books first.

Booking Rule Conflict Resolution Module: “Puka Finder”

Quickly bring thousands of dollars back to your available inventory

Puka Finder

Minimum stays, fixed arrival days, and other booking rules are necessary to successfully optimize your business.

Booking rules managed within Track create conflicts. For example, a 5-night minimum stay will make a valuable 4-night booking impossible. Guests become frustrated when they see dates available but cannot book them online, either abandoning the reservation or requiring them to call to book.

Finding and eliminating booking rule conflicts manually is time-intensive and impractical. Not resolving these, however, results in a substantial loss of revenue.

TechSpokes Puka Finder identifies those restricted dates in availability calendars and lets you return to bookable inventory hundreds of thousands of dollars. Managers see an immediate increase in available nights and potential bookings without spending hours browsing throughout the calendars.

Our intelligent engine works 24/7. First, it analyzes your availability calendars and booking rules. It spots conflicts and provides a customizable report screen directly in your website administration area. You see exactly how much revenue is blocked and why, and can immediately fix any of the issues without ever leaving the report. We then update TRACK rules automatically to resolve the conflicts you select.

The next release of Puka Finder will extend functionality to also allow fixes to occur automatically based on your own rules. As well as automated single night gap up-sells to adjacent reservations.

Affiliate Marketing Module

Offer commissions outside normal distribution channels

Vacation Rentals Affiliate Marketing

A new way to generate revenue partnering with homeowners, other vacation rental companies, and websites to book your inventory. Offer flexible commissions directly to those who drive traffic to your website. Previously available only to OTAs, Affiliate Marketing Module is now exclusively available by TechSpokes.

Let those you choose, whether homeowners, travel agents, travel websites, tourist boards, book your properties online and earn commissions even when they aren’t a formal distribution channel in your PMS.

Exclusively for the vacation rental industry. Affiliate Marketing Module supports cookie or promo code tracking for one-time or lifetime commissions.

Flexible rules allow homeowners to have one commission structure for their own units and a different commission structure when other vacation rental units are booked. Non-homeowners can have a completely different plan, too, while flexible rules and payment structures satisfy every situation.

Affiliate Marketing Module lets others help you by generating more rental income. Offer this as an exclusive benefit of partnering with your company.

Distribution Channel Functionality

Partner with Other TRACK PMS property managers to grow your business


Let vacation rental managers become distribution channel partners to accept reservations online for each other and pay commissions.

This multi-connection functionality is ideal for those managers who want to combine their marketing efforts and either share common websites or use entirely separate websites to promote direct booking.

Create strategic alliances with your colleagues. We’ll let you offer their inventory on your website to extend your online presence.

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